Expected Outputs



The project outputs include:
Two support structures for social entrepreneurship, one in Xanthi and one in Smolyan. The two support structures will provide support services to people that want to start their own social enterprise or to existing social enterprises that want to expand their activities (target 300 people). Each support structure will have qualified staff that will undertake to provide specialised support services.
Studies of the contribution and role of the social economy in the two regions incl. action plan and recommendations.

Support tools for the operation of the two support structures: a blended tool for the identification of needs and evaluation of social entrepreneurship ideas, a business guide for social entrepreneurship in the region, incl. interactive web-version, a franchising model for at least 2 good practices in BG to be multiplied in Greece and 2 good practices in GR to be applied in BG.

Capacity building activities for the staff of the support structures.There will be two training courses, one in Xanthi and one in Smolyan and two study visits of the Greek staff to Smolyan, and Bulgarian staff in Xanthi to exchange experience and coordinate activities (target 20 staff members).

Awareness raising activities, including networking events with other initiatives at local, regional and interregional level, thematic workshops in specific economic sectors or for specific social challenges, transnational networking between social enterprises for fostering their cooperation, training activities for beneficiaries and the organisation of an info day at the end of the project, for the promotion of social entrepreneurship and the promotion of the social enterprises that will be formed by the end of the project (target 660 people will attend networking and other raising awareness activities in the two countries).

Contact Information

Kakoulidou 1, 69100, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece

(+30) 25313 52101

(+30) 25313 52101



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