Expected Results



The project is expected to expand social entrepreneurship in the cross border area between EMTR in Greece and Smolyan region in Bulgaria, through raising awareness and capacity building activities and the support for the set-up and operation of social enterprises.
The project will organise a series of awareness raising activities that will promote social entrepreneurship as a viable alternative for economic development, social inclusion and as a means to tackle social challenges in the cross border area. In parallel, the project will establish two support structures for social entrepreneurship, one in Xanthi and one in Smolyan and will build capacity of local experts and consultants, laying the foundations for the establishment of the regional support mechanism for social entrepreneurship in the REMTH that will continue its operation, through the new Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

 “I see” project will have an effect on the promotion and expansion of social entrepreneurship in cross border area and will support the establishment and operation of new social enterprises at regional and interregional level, responding to the needs of local societies. The result of the project will be new social enterprises operating at local, regional and cross border level, expansion of activities and strengthening of existing social enterprises and building of cross border synergies between social enterprises of the two regions.
During the project a pilot social enterprise will be established, in the field of food collection and distribution to people in need. The area of activity has been chosen as a response to increased poverty rate and has been identified as a policy priority for EMTR and Smolyan regions.
The result indicators of the project are:
Number of new social enterprises: 8
Number of cross border social enterprises: 4

Contact Information

Kakoulidou 1, 69100, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece

(+30) 25313 52101

(+30) 25313 52101



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